Community + Low Cost Offerings

Several of our providers are rotating through the space offering their gifts to the community at discounted sliding scale rates as they way of making good medicine more accessible to everybody.

Rocky Coast Family Acupuncture

Direct Primary Care:
Fulcrum Health
Lisa Lucas, DO
DO, Family Medicine, Direct Primary Care

Max Health Maine
Terry Ann Scriven, MD
MD, Family Medicine, Direct Primary Care

Maine Music & Health
Kate Beever

Energy Psychotherapist
Pamela Florea

Psychiatry and Functional Medicine
Katherine Kessler, DO

Spiral Dance Breathwork
Tania Zuckerman
Therapeutic Breathwork

Craniosacral + Herbal Essence Consults

Mischa Shuler

Craniosacral Therapy

Jones Franzel


Lara Schneider

Massage Therapist

Tim McClain

Massage Therapist

James Flagler

Ms.Ed, M.F.A

Amy Raina